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Are you feeling out of sync with your self, your team or your path and unclear about how to make things happen?

There’s an authentic way to be a leader that includes:

• Accessing power and confidence from within
• Moving through stressors and challenges from a deep center
• Making decisions from your wise whole-body self
• Navigating with purpose from your inner compass with clarity
• Moving through competing priorities to minimize overwhelm
• Communicating with authenticity and personal power

You want to know you are on the right path for you.

You want to be in alignment with your heart and soul and thrive at work

You want to tap into your passion consistently and allow that energy to move through you.

The most successful leaders of the future will be those who live from their inner wisdom, who possess a resiliency that enables them to take action in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, anchored in a powerful, centered body. They will be self-generating – aware of areas of incongruence or unfavorable congruencies and develop practices to build new narratives in the body and mind.

“I have worked with Sheridan twice, each time for about 3 months. About a decade ago, I was feeling like I wanted some help charting my course for post-tenure in such a way to avoid the academic ‘mid-career slump’. More recently, I was looking for help navigating leadership transitions. Sheridan was so helpful in both cases! In fact, my work with Sheridan was so powerful that I wrote about it in a book chapter I recently published “…I built my understanding a variety of ways, including: Working one-on-one with a career coach to identify and align my professional mission, vision, purpose statement, goals and values. Taking the time to reflect on and be explicit about my values and my career goals in this way was invaluable for determining the range of potential paths forward.” I would add to this quote that I also gained a clear understanding of which career paths I wanted to follow, why, and how. Feeling grounded in that understanding has been extremely helpful for my whole life, including both personal and professional spheres. ”

~ Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, Professor, Michigan State University

In my own journey learning to integrate and develop my authentic deep contribution I tested out, and adopted many tools and practices. The chest of tools that I tried for myself


Director Innovates to Thrive

Sheridan has constructed a clear, positive space for us to build on my strengths. This has led to a set of creative tools that enable me to do my best work while challenging me to grow. The outcome has been self awareness and a renewed purpose in my job and career.

Justin M. Booth

Director RS & GIS Research and Outreach Services Michigan State University


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