Energy Work

What Is the Sacred Anatomy?

The Sacred Anatomy refers to the seven systems of subtle and electromagnetic energy extending out 20 feet in all directions from your physical body. It is conscious and intelligent and holds the history of your soul’s journey. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is a healing modality based on the radical premise that consciousness is anatomical. Access to this intelligence is the doorway to your personal evolutionary development, available to anyone who seeks a new and mature approach to awakening. 

As a Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine practitioner, I’ve witnessed tremendous openings and transformation for my clients over the years. These are some of the results of continuous, dedicated healing over time:

Resilience: ability to “bounce back” more quickly from challenging interactions, dynamics and conflicts. 

Ease:  releasing layers of patterned anxiety – “should’s” and allowing a more natural flow of effort and energy

Intuitive sensing: heightened filter, ability to “read” what is happening both within, and with others; quickened sensory intake; access to wisdom within.

Steadied awareness: ability to recognize thoughts, impulses, and reactions, while being steadied by an internal awareness, grounded in compassion, love and patience

Embodied presence: a sense of “fully being here” – groundedness anchored in the body

Mental Agility:  enhanced cognitive ability, clarity, focus – a “working smarter” rather than “working harder”

Lightness: heightened “set point” of emotional well-being; happiness, joy

Soul Integrity:Moving towards integration of inner and outer self; expressing oneself authentically; exploring the landscape of the authentic self; mapping your own soul.

Focused energy: tapping into our subtle energy and life force, and moving in concert with our own passion and aliveness

Whether it is clearing “energetic merging” or engrained karmic patterns with one’s loved ones or colleagues, or clearing unwanted signatures of energy, this work liberates us from the heaviness of challenging life dynamics. This work is partnership work between the practitioner and client, revealing areas of potential growth and stuckness and inviting the soul to expand. Clearing energetic blocks helps us to be able to act more authentically from a sense of deep internal power and strength.  We are more apt to take risks, initiate difficult conversations, with less charge and more neutral presence.