Sheridan’s Book

Losing Sight, Finding Vision: Thriving Throughout Life’s Lasting Losses

By Sheridan Gates

Follow Sheridan’s journey in Losing Sight, Finding Vision, and you will gain insights into the power of meditation, self-reflection and listening to the wisdom of the body when dealing with any of life’s challenges. This book is a beautiful illustration of how we can respond to long-term loss and discover the courage and wisdom of our own heart.
—Tara Brach, Ph.D. Author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

 In Losing Sight, Finding Vision, discover how resilience and personal power are among the by products of living through life-defining challenges as you access deep resources from within.

You will explore how to hold onto the steering wheel of a life with constant change and loss.  Losing Sight, Finding Vision is for those who want to live fully and powerfully, not just react to loss.

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Losing Sight, Finding Vision illuminates profound and practical strategies for anyone on a learning journey through physical change and challenge. Through my eyes, you will experience vision as a whole body process of sensing. You will feel the power of intuition, spiritual guidance, retreat and personal development as you cultivate a whole new way of seeing. As a meditator and spiritual seeker I invite the reader into an intimate look at emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of well-being. As a career and executive coach and healer, I translate my own journey into practical life-enriching strategies which enable those facing illness or adversity to thrive.

You will discover how to gracefully meet your own life adversities with kindness towards yourself, greater authenticity and integrity. You will learn how to forge a path of true alignment within and without as you metabolize long-term illness or loss.

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