Success Stories

What Clients Say about Career Crossroads Coaching

Director Expands her Horizons

Phrases and thoughts I would freely express to individuals contemplating career coaching:

  • A coaching relationship is partnered trust: we both contribute to what is deemed “success”
  • It is work: success is the result of researched and practiced activity
  • It is intentional: bringing focus to specific career goals
  • It is guided, not authoritative: coaching isn’t about “telling me what to do,” it’s about bringing awareness to what I can do/what I want to do/what I am gifted at doing
  • Career coaching gives me “space” to consider what I might be and how I might get there
  • Every coaching session leaves me energized and empowered: having identified specific challenges, a plan for actionable solutions and a method for measuring results
  • At the risk of sounding silly…career coaching is the best gift you can give your job. Coaching gives purpose to the 40-60 hours/week we devote to our careers.
  • You are amazing Sheridan. You have found your gift and I am so grateful that YOUR gift is helping people like me find MY gift.”

Jessica Moy

Director, Technology Partnerships Department of Technology, Management and Budget State of Michigan

Artist Reinvents Her Career

“I have reached the goals I set with Sheridan. Goals that I thought were unimaginable. I was so grateful for the work we did together. One aspect that was probably the most helpful was the focus on connecting to my inner wisdom and listening to my dreams from that perspective. I remember that I didn’t think it was possible to be an artist because of strange feelings about not living up to my family’s expectations. It was helpful to work with Sheridan and to be able to dream big and feel safe with speaking the barely imaginable. And to scale it down to how that would happen from shifting slowly out of my day job until I was ready to take the leap. As a professional artist, I have been supporting myself (as well as a coworker) full time for four years. And now I am where I didn’t think I would ever be and ready for my next big vision.”

Valerie Theberge


Director Innovates to Thrive

Sheridan has constructed a clear, positive space for us to build on my strengths. This has led to a set of creative tools that enable me to do my best work while challenging me to grow. The outcome has been self awareness and a renewed purpose in my job and career.

Justin M. Booth

Director RS & GIS Research and Outreach Services Michigan State University

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