About Sheridan

My story – Learning to See from Within

I am a purpose-oriented career and leadership coach living in Eugene, OR helping professionals navigate work and life tuned in to their inner power and wisdom to achieve what matters most to them. I live at the intersections of leadership, career and work and spiritual practices such as mindfulness and body-centered disciplines such as Aikido. Today I am guided through choices in an intuitive way that hinges on trusting my inner compass. As a career-focused professional diagnosed with a near blinding vision disease early in my twenties, I wrestled with rebuilding both career and life. As I slowly adjusted to loss and new ways of seeing, I became clear about how to thrive including how to support others in their own inquiries around fulfillment, thriving and purpose.

Throughout my years as a management consultant, leadership trainer and coach, I have witnessed the spirit within others to thrive. Each time we encounter roadblocks or career derailers we face choices about how we want to handle the challenging circumstances. Whether it is an external obstacle which threatens our growth or an internal one, we embark on change every time we make a choice which fosters resilience and momentum towards thriving. We begin to view these career obstacles as opportunities to awaken our strengths. We learn from change. We engage in self development and in some cases transformational change.

My work is to cultivate that which I myself have worked to awaken: the sense of  passion, of dignity, and the desire to thrive that fuels fulfilling work and relationships. I believe we long to honor ourselves by listening to our own inner compass. As we move towards what enlivens us, overcoming obstacles and making choices from our internal guidance system, we cultivate integrity and energize others.

As a trainer, consultant and coach, I have cultivated a deep sense of seeing and listening for possibilities, passion, and a sense of purpose that emerges from within one’s soul.

Sheridan Gates, M ED, PCC

I am an executive coach and consultant and have partnered for over twenty years with leaders and teams, working to create positive personal and systems-wide change. I am committed to accelerating the pace and depth of personal and professional development which results in:

  • Leading with authenticity and presence
  • Career renewal
  • Enhanced capacity for action and learning
  • Greater personal and professional alignment, which fuels energy and vitality
  • Capacity to build collaborative relationships

My clients include leaders, managers and employees in universities, federal and state government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

I am certified in the use of several assessment/instruments, including: MBTI, EQ 2.0, FIRO-B, and have worked with 360 instruments such as the Center for Creative Leadership’s Benchmarks instrument.

I hold an MA in Education and Human development with a specialization in Organizational Behavior from George Washington University, and a BA in Economics and Business from DePauw University. I am a certified Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation, a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach (CPQC) with Positive Intelligence and a Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Practitioner..

I published “Creating Possibilities and Pathways: Coaching Leaders through Change: The power of partnering with a coach when navigating new territory,” in the April, 2011 issue of Practising Social Change, published by The NTL Institute.

I am the author of Losing Sight, Finding Vision: Thriving Throughout Life’s Lasting Losses published in 2014.

I serve on the board of the World Institute on Disability.

And on a personal note..

Non-science major Science Geek, love NPR’s science Friday and public television programs on the cosmos, nature and healing. I’m fascinated with how the body impacts the brain.

Spiritual geek seeker/meditator, really dig learning about spiritual healing and growth

I enjoy hiking, painting, meditation, cooking and travel.

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