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For employees, managers and coaches, I customize experiential workshops designed to engage participants in self discovery and learning. Workshops may include:

  • Team facilitation
  • Stand alone workshops
  • A series half-day or full-day sequential workshops, with “homework” in between sessions to build on the learning
  • Coaching to anchor the learning and support application at home or work
  • Learning group “sub groups” to support transfer of learning into life

Career Crossroads Coach Workshop Topics

Public and custom workshops focus on topics such as:

  • Energy Management – manage, renew, and focus your most important natural resource, your energy
  • Vision Development – go from an internal vision to a high-level map of action items and next steps
  • Cultivating Centered Presence – sustain a centered presence during challenge and change
  • Leading with Authentic Presence – explore ways to deepen your clarity and presence as a leader
  • Career Renewal – identify areas of energy and passion, explore what is impeding fulfillment, and brainstorm ways to renew and refocus
  • Career Reinvention – explore your unique gifts and passions and develop scenarios for expressing these more fully
  •  Building Collaboration – learn ways to foster trust, respect and clarity in your commitments with colleagues, peers and employees
  • Cultivating Resilience – explore strengths and experiment with various stress management practices to develop strategies that sustain you through challenges

If you’re interested in setting up a workshop, please get in touch.