Body-centered Somatic Coaching

What we now know is the many of the messages in our head brain come from the body.  Our nervous system gathers sensory input directly from our body continuously.

Our bodies also store stressful experiences and holds the key to changing automatic responses to stressors, challenges and change. As we learn about our bodies’ automatic tendencies under stress, we build our capacity to observe and shift in a moment our neurobiology making us calm and ready to move from our center.

Resiliency is a muscle we build through practices like centering techniques etc. Every time we recenter we tell our nervous system we are capable of meeting stress, challenge and change from a whole-body grounded presence. Others read our bodies instinctively – sensing fear, anxiety and basing trust on what they are sensing.  Is this someone I instinctively trust?  Do I sense a full calm presence or anxiety and fear?