A Series on Initiating Change


When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”  Yogi Berra

Welcome to the conversation I am having with coaching clients, colleagues, friends and now you.  Explore with us how we move into and through major changes as we forge new terrain in our careers and lives.

Are you facing significant decisions in the coming year?  Or listening to an internal impulse to do something new like pursue an uncharted path or interest? Are you facing opportunities and wanting more clarity about what to say “no” and “yes” to in the coming months?

Moving forward when facing a crossroads involves takeing action based on your choices..  There’s the outward expression of a major personal decision you’ve made—actions such as initiating a conversation, taking a new job, committing to a goal in front of others in your community. Let’s pull out a microscope as we examine decision-making behind the scenes—gaining clarity, allowing direction to take shape and moving forward in a particular direction. This is the first post in a series on how we gain clarity and move into action.

You may be approaching a crossroads if you:

  • Are complaining to others but not taking action
  • Noticing yearnings to move in a particular direction
  • Feeling stuck and unresourceful in some part of your life
  • Tolerating yet avoiding some recurring challenge or obstacle
  • Unable to make a decision or take next steps

This site will tackle real questions and  challenges to help you thrive at work. Sometimes there are no easy answers. Sometimes the path you need to take is the daunting, barely carved wilderness trail. Sometimes the hardest part isn’t the road itself, but choosing the right path. That’s what Career Crossroads Coach is all about: helping you decide on the course, and guiding you when the course gets rocky.

In this site, I’ll provide action steps and questions to reflect on to help you on your path.

Question for Reflection: What yearnings are you noticing right now?

Let us know what you are noticing, or signs pointing to  your own crossroads right now, by replying to this blog post here.

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