PageLines- SacredlotusNelumbonuciferabyTVoekler.jpgWhen we want to know more about how to line up our work with our souls passion we might do a little digging. Like an archaeologist, we explore past work and volunteer experiences to discover what truly enlivens us. We zero in on our best experiences – when we were engaged so fully in what we were doing that we lost track of time. Once we’ve explored several treasured events, common themes stand out. Even if there are no major surprises this exploration brings clarity and focus to our work. It’s a great way to jumpstart career renewal.

The last time I explored memorable events what stood out for me was how often my best work included creating something new. Whether it was a training program, a facilitator manual, a new format for a facilitator agenda, a painting, or an article on coaching, I designed something new from a blank canvas.

So what about you? Could clarity around fulfillment enhance your career path? If you want to do a little digging to explore for yourself what really lights you up here are some questions to start your inquiry:

  • Think about one of your favorite work or volunteer experiences – what did you like about it?  (Do this one several times if you want to see common themes.)
  • When you lose track of time because you’re so engrossed what are you doing?
  • When you look back on moments of joy and pride in your work or volunteer activities, what stands out for you?

As we search for the unique elements of our best work, we look freshly at these questions. What else helps reconnecting with your passion at work?