We are creatures of the seasons and cycles we live in – as we mark and celebrate the movement of time, seasons, and the cycle of death and rebirth. The short days and darker skies invite us to simplify life, reflect and enjoy the shifting rhythms of our days. I especially like the opportunity to slow down the pace of my life and taste the feel of a more “in-the-moment” sense of being. Making my favorite soups, reading, and simply doing nothing.

This can also be a time to reflect, to consider and to access an inner emerging sense of purpose, desires for change and the very tender seeds of change Within us. In a visceral way, the pandemic and our public health imperatives have been for some an extended period of simplicity. We may organically have found ourselves in an inquiry – what is important? Not so important? We may have already carved out some things in our lives that are not so important.

Then on December 21 we begin to inch towards a new dawn, longer days and now our sunsets here in Oregon are already 15 minutes later than just a few weeks ago.

On January 1 we are encouraged to declare our goals, our word of the year, our declarations. With so much simplicity and sheltering at home, it can feel jarring to declare a bold goal for 2021. We are still in a time of lockdown and the skies are still cloudy and gray. Sometimes our emerging clarity doesn’t fit exactly with the calendar change of year and we still need more time to percolate on what wants to happen.

Perhaps like me you simply want to take note of the energy that is wanting to emerge anew in your life. Given our unknowns, in what ways do you want to shape and mold that which you can control now in your life. What energy and mental mix of attitudes and patterns do you want to engage in more fully? Where do you want to focus your energy and attention? Declaring a goal or intention sets in motion an activation of our energy and clarity which creates opportunities and a pathway.

In whatever way you declare your intentions for 2021, I invite you not to stop there. Change is most sustainable when we engage our whole body/mind/energy towards a compelling vision.

For the last 3 months I’ve been engaged with becoming certified as a Positive Intelligence (PQ) coach. (www.positiveintelligence.com) The PQ program reinforces what I’ve known for years as a coach. No lasting change comes without shifting the body and the mind and the brain through practices. We simply don’t make major changes without reinforcing our intentions with specific practices which help to rewire our patterning including our brain.

In PQ language, we need to build our PQ brain and quite literally, new gray matter. Otherwise, our intentions may be compelling, but we don’t build the muscles to live into them.

Take the PQ assessment to learn more about your own Positive Intelligence.