Differently-Abled and Thriving

man with false leg running

Are you facing a health challenge or disability that is impacting how you live and work?

Are you finding yourself trying hard to do things the old way, or  hiding your struggles from colleagues to manage the perceptions of others? How is that working for you?

As a person with vision impairment, I have encountered challenges in both work and life, adjusting to a changing set of limitations.  While these  changes represent loss, and force me to move beyond my comfort zone, I keep connecting with a deeper desire to thrive.

Through coaching you will:

  • recognize your patterns of coping with change
  • discover choices that may expand your current menu of options
  • decide how you want to operate as you experience this transition
  • discern from within what you really care about and organize around this
  • design new ways of working and living that enable you to thrive

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