CoreIndividuation Testimonials

path through the sunflower field

The following are comments from Sheridan’s clients after one or more CoreIndividuation sessions:

“I am moving through inner work at warp speed compared to past years. The
perceptions I have about myself, “my” possibilities, and those in my world
are opening up more quickly. Certainly, in these past 18 months, I have
engaged in a lot of self healing treatments that have helped me get to where
I am. Yet, I know, that the CI work, in its elegant, non-obtrusive,
seemingly subtle way, has had a seismic impact on my being.”

                    –  lawyer, Washington DC


“There has been a steady progression towards living a more authentic life. I find myself slowly releasing harmful encountering behaviors and more often able to choose a direction that is supportive of me rather than destructive. I do have a ways to go, but what a great change.”

                     –  health care professional, Virginia


“Right from the first healing session I felt as if a monkey had been lifted off my back.
Even after the second session there was a feel that the flow in and around me had made some sort of shift. It’s all still new but felt.”

                       – social worker, Boston

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