Reinvent Yourself at Work

Are you experiencing growing clarity that you need to do something to reenergize your work life? Are you noticing the signs around you pointing towards change? Is some force within you seeking new life and expression at work?  Do you feel called to take some bold step?

If you feel movyour career path is unwritten (wooden path through West Moreland)ed by some inner force to reinvent yourself or your career path, ask for the support you need. I can accompany you on this journey.  With coaching, you will:

  • gain clarity as you listen intentionally to your impulses to move or change
  • nurture the growing sense of clarity about your next steps
  • honor your impulses by creating a new career path
  • test out possible next steps through experimentation and engaging with others
  • build a career plan that maps to your inner vision
  • reinvent your career while taking care of your financial needs and constraints

To take a next step, contact me to further explore coaching options.