Career Plateau

turbulent river path
Are you at a point in your career where you feel you can no longer muster any enthusiasm or passion?  When you think about the future where you are, you feel a lack of ambition and hope? Even though you’ve got the moves down in terms of doing your job, you don’t want to be there a year from now.

You may be at a career plateau. Your desire to grow and learn are waning, and although you can perform well, your motivation is dwindling.  This is a critical time to take some action to explore next steps.  This is a place where many get stuck,  sometimes for years.  There is a cost to not exploring what is next.  The energy and motivation drain can set in like cement and create a mood of cynicism or apathy.  These moods permeate one’s life beyond work.  At your core you may believe that you cannot reinvent yourself, your work or your life.

Partnering with a coach at this stage of your career will enable you to:

  • Rekindle your sense of mission and purpose
  • Explore next steps based on what is enlivening you
  • Access your personal power to take concrete steps
  • Design your next career moves
  • Regain momentum and focus for your career
  • Create choices which empower you to regain  hope and a sense of possibility

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